New dashboard layout

Hey all!

Last week, we rolled out some improvements to your dashboard.

The biggest change is that items are now grouped by topic.

Here’s what it looks like:

And within a topic:

Our long-term goal is to move toward a structured curriculum, with a guided path through each topic. This most-recent change has laid some of the groundwork, but there’s much more we plan on improving.

One additional change is that we broke The Weekly Iteration episodes into topics, rather than listing them as just one item. Some of you have mentioned that you miss the old index view, so we plan on restoring a way to view all the
episodes at once.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this.


@benorenstein, I think thematic organization will help a lot with navigating the coursework. The different vim items were previously all over the place, and I think it was confusing to find them.

I will say getting a Weekly Iteration index back will be a plus, though.

In other words… carry on?

same remark as Geoff, now there’s is no telling on the dashboard page, when a new Weekly Iteration video was published.

We’ve got a fix for this that should be out this week or early next. Thanks for the feedback!

Update: the aforementioned fix is live.

Sweet, much better, thanks!

What’s the deal with some of the scopes/categorisation though? The Testing scope, for example. doesn’t include the latest Four Phase Test or the JS testing video from the Weekly Iteration. when you might expect it to.

There’s still the UX issue that when hovering over any category container, the mouse pointer changes to a pointer, making you think you can click it. I clicked a few times when I first saw the new design, expecting the app to navigate to the index for that category. I’ve attached a screencap demonstrating what I’m talking about (captured with the awesome LICEcap if anyone’s wondering)

I do love that weekly iteration is organized through topics, because I used to get lost since there were so many. Navigation is so much easier for me now, since it is structured this way. I wish was somehow integrated with these topic related structure where it tracks my trail automatically… Anyways, I am always so impressed by Thoughtbot folks.

That was a mistake on our end. I’ve fixed it.

Good catch. I added a card for us to fix this.

That’s very much on our road map.