Hard to find a list of Weekly Iteration episodes with new layout

Where did the index page for the Weekly Iteration go?

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I am searching for the same page rigth now. I think that the The Weekly Iteration page should be like before or have a alias to easy search.

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It seems they’ve tried to categorise content better, which is a nice idea, but the video I was looking for was the “Unit Testing JavaScript” one, which isn’t actually in the new Testing section!

Also, each subsection changes the mouse to a pointer on hover, making you think you can click (I did a few times) and does nothing, not great UX.

Weekly Iteration index page

I got there by clicking one of the Weekly Iteration vid links and following the subscribe link on the right hand box.
I must admit, the navigation changes depending on what I clicked previously. Going back over my steps didn’t produce the same result…

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