The Weekly Iteration, August 30th, 2013

Thank you to all who attended the first episode of The Weekly Iteration, last week. We’ll be meeting again this week, but it will be a little different. We’ll just be doing the Q&A section with you live this week, so you don’t have to sit through the rest of the taping and potential technical issues.

I’ll also be with a computer this week for the Q&A section, so it might be easier to answer more in-depth technical questions.

If you have questions, I’d appreciate it if you could post them to this thread ahead of time, so I can prepare a bit prior to the show.

We are truly iterating!

The next episode is tomorrow, August 30th, at 3:00pm eastern time.

When you join the show live, you’ll get to ask questions and watch live. However, we will be releasing a higher quality recording for those subscribers who can’t attend live.

You can join the show (meeting # is 21110387) at 3:00 pm ET from any computer via this link; if you download the Mac or Windows Fuze clients ahead of time, you’ll get better audio, a slicker experience, and can join the show via video. Browser-only will work fine if you just want to be audio only. Just click the phone icon to join the audio once you’re in.

Using an iPhone or iPad? Grab the native clients from the App Store to join.

Android user? Get the app from the Google Play store.

Still feel like using the conventional phone dial-in? Just call 775-996-3562 and enter the meeting number 21110387, then press #.

Your patience and forbearance with our new tech is appreciated in advance.

See you tomorrow!

Hey Chad,

I probably missed something, what is it about and who should attend?


Question #1: Is there any type of web application that you would NOT recommend using Ruby/Ruby on Rails for? And why or why not?

Question #2: Are Javascript front end frameworks(e.g. Ember, Angular, etc) the future of the (frontend) web?

One more: Are traditional CS programs from universities preparing people for the realities of modern web development? Or is there an alternate path that seems to produce better equipped people (e.g. dev bootcamps, self taught using web resources (e.g. Thoughtbot Learn, Railscasts, etc), or another path)?

Hi @wik this is for all subscribers. It is a new weekly show just for subscribers. Thanks!

Thanks @cpytel, I’ll check it out the next week then :slight_smile: