Another Upcase AMA, with Ben & Derek

Join us this Friday (5/29/15) @ 2:30pm Eastern Time in another Upcase AMA with Ben and fellow thoughtbot developer and co-host of The Bike Shed, Derek Prior.

Have your questions about code review, conference talks, podcasting or anything else ready to go, and enter them in the Q&A app!

Always love these things. Great job Derek and Ben.

I noticed Thom / somebody posted under the Thoughtbot moniker for some of the questions that came through YouTube. I wonder if it could be possible to add questions in advance for next time (perhaps a top 5 or so) in case there’s a dearth of live questions? Only asking because, for me at least, these usually occur in the middle of mad-rush-Friday-afternoon. I managed to get one question in today, but most of the rest I listened to in podcast mode while I worked on other projects.

Not discounting the dental talk by any means, just a suggestion :smile:

Sure thing!
Next time I post in the forums for one I’ll include a call for questions if people can’t join us live; great suggestion!

Hey all, if you missed last month’s AMA with Ben & Derek, it’s up live now on YouTube. Enjoy!