Ask me anything 2/13/15

I’m going to host a Hangout On Air tomorrow, 2/13/15, where you can ask me anything you like.

It’ll be at 3pm EST.

Here’s the link: Sign in - Google Accounts.

See you soon!


Awesome, I just wrote about something like this on your other question!

Thanks a ton for for the AMA, fantastic questions and answers! Already looking forward to the next!

Glad you liked it!

Is there a recording? I really wanted to come, but I had work during that time.

Really appreciated the AMA! It was a great opportunity to hear about the thoughts and day-to-day operations of a thoughtbot developer, especially for those of us that live in an area that doesn’t have a strong developer community. For me, it was a great validation on some of my personal experiences and development track, and provided inspiration on staying the course.

Really hoping for more of these!

Yep. It’s being edited and will be released soon.

I’m planning on doing the next one next Friday. 2/27.

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@benorenstein really enjoyed the hangout air. Good and funny questions. I hope you guys continue this!

@benorenstein Clarification, next Friday (2/20) or 2 weeks Friday (2/27)? I’m guessing the latter but don’t want to miss it if it is tomorrow.

Friday 2/27.

I wasn’t able to attend but just watched the recorded video. It was great. I’m looking forward to more and attending when I can.

@benorenstein Do you think we can post question somewhere like in Trello or even in this tread for those of us who might not be able to make it? Or do you prefer to just take question in the live session?

I’ll make a new thread for questions.