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Ask Me Anything Today!

(Ben Orenstein) #1

Hey all,

Just a reminder: I’ll be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” session today at 4:30 PM Eastern.

If you’d like to join, here’s the Hangout link: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/5b8e20917262823e871b896e6de0b33ac8baf076?authuser=0&hl=en


(Ben Orenstein) #2

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(Ben Orenstein) #3

Weirdly, I’m seeing the link above NOT work unless I copy and paste its destination into my browser.

Sorry about the trouble!

(Mauricio Sambarino) #4

Unfortunately i couldn’t attend, it said the hangout was full when i tried to join. Is there a recording of the session somewhere by any chance? I’d love to see the questions asked, and the answers given of course :wink:

(Jon Seidel) #5

Great session; recording is an excellent idea – even if you attended – to be able to review the comments.

(Ben Orenstein) #6

Bummer! I didn’t know Google Hangout limits were so low (10 only, apparently).

I think the session was well-received so I’m planning on running another. I’ll make sure we’re not so space-limited next time.

(Ben Orenstein) #7

You’re right. I’d like to record the next one.

(Ben Orenstein) unpinned #8