Autocompletion bug

Hello, friends of vim :grinning:!

Can anyone help with this problem I have when inserting a tag into a HTML-document?
It appears that the first character of the following word gets inserted into the tag.

How can I stop this annoying behavior?

Thanks for any suggestions…!

It looks like there is some automated behavior inserting the closing tag. I’m guessing you have a plugin installed that is managing that. Do you know which plugin it is?

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Hi Chris,

thank you so much for your instant reply!

I tried to uninstall vim-AutoComplPop (which actually can’t be the culprit) and xmledit, but this didn’t change anything.
Based on your hint I went on and found a folder (within the vim-directory) called ‘ftpplugin’, which contained files called html.vim and xml.vim.
Deleting this folder stopped any kind of html-autocompletion. That’s good news because this bug was really getting on my nerves.

So thanks again!

Now I am trying to find a plugin that does a better job. Any suggestions anyone?

I use Emmet.vim for HTML magic in Vim. It’s amazing!

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the thoughtbot vim git hub installation files installed and after that I have tried confiuring Emmet.vim via installtion pathogen. when i open ’ vim index.html’ and type html:5_ in a inset mode and esc to press CTRL + Y and ‘,’ i get html:5_</html:5_> . I am really new to vim please can you help me figure out why