Vim for Rubymine users

Hi :slight_smile:,

I’m a fervent Rubymine user, but I’d like to switch to Vim, because Rubymine use too much CPU.
I’m trying to configure Vim to looks like Rubymine.

One of the main feature I like, is the autocomplete:

I’m using ctags, but it’s slow (my screen freeze for like 0.5 secs each time the autocomplete panel appear).

Any help appreciated !

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Hi, @nicolas-besnard glad to hear you want to switch to Vim, it s an awesome editor!!!

You are looking for YouCompleteMe - (Autocomplete Plugin).

By the way is a great source for finding plugins for vim.
The guys are doing a great job, of providing you with an overview of available plugins for vim.

Did you check the Thoughtbot Laptop script, which setup your machine with a ruby/vim development environment?
When you are on a Mac is hassle free install. I use it on fedora 24 and also running into no issues while installing. It installs vim-ruby, vim-rails etc.


I hope I could help you! Feel free to write me, if you need help.
I am also a beginner, but I had a lot of “ohhhhh - awesome” and never looked back, after switching.

have a nice day!!!


@nicolas-besnard, what i forgot.

I use Vimperator for Firefox and cVim for chrome which let me use the browser the vim way.
h,j,k,l for scrolling and f -> to follow links.
Definitetly check that out. It helped me a lot to understand/build routine in the vim movement.

cheers and happy hacking

First off, thanks @chrswndrs for the cVim tip for Chrome; I use Vimperator but hadn’t found that one for Chrome.

And, FWIW, I used YouCompleteMe for a while and it was pretty amazing; but it was also “too large” (it’s a huge Plugin) for my taste, in that it seemed to slow down Vim. I haven’t picked anything yet, although there are other options available:

vim’s built-in auto-completion (:h ins-completion) but it uses CTRL-N, CTRL-P and I want TAB completeion
neo-complete Plugin - may be the next one I plan to try
SuperTab Plugin - another good-looking one with TAB completion

There are probably others, but these last two will keep me busy for a while