Best datepicker for use with Rails

Every so often I look at datepicker code and think, “there MUST be a better way”. Anyone have a great datepicker widget they are using in a Rails application?

I’ve recently used pickadate.js and was very happy with it. It looks great and has a ton of configuration options for both how dates are displayed and submitted to the server.

While we’re on the subject does anyone know of a DateTime picker that works well with rails?

@patkoperwas, I was trying pikaday, but this looks even nicer for what I have in mind. Pikaday had some limitations on callbacks that weren’t doing it for me. Thanks for the rec!

pickadate.js looks great and I’ll give it a try as soon as I get the opportunity. Meanwhile here are some links to similar scripts someone might find useful:


If you are using bootstrap then the best date-picker I tried is extended default one — bootstrap-datepicker.js

i think this datetimepicker is pretty good. You can configure it to only select date or time too.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

+1 for bootstrap datetimepicker. Been utilising this alot and it’s very very good.

wow! this is great. just what i was looking for!