What are the best resources to learn Ember.js with Rails

I want to create an Ember.js application with Rails as the back end, and have no Idea where to start.

I have been looking around on google and it seems that the way to do it is using ember-cli however I have never used ember so I would like to learn.

Does anybody know any good resources for me to start?


I know Treehouse and Codeschool have courses on Ember, but these are not free.



We’re going to be launching an Ember Fundamentals trail quite soon.

It’ll be basic, but get you started.

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Thanks guys

The ember cli 101 book is solid and gets regular updates as ember changes. It doesn’t really cover rails much, but the backend for the app that you build in the book is rails. It talks a little about using the right ember data adapter for active model serializers and touches on how to deploy with rails if you’re serving the ember assets to rails from amazon. It’s pretty neat.

I haven’t used it yet, but ember-cli-rails looks like an easy way to manage an ember app inside rails. There’s another book called rocknroll with ember, or something like that, that uses a sinatra backend, but I haven’t read that one.

Man, I bought all these ember books but have to use angular at work. ug

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@evan have you got that book? If so does it go through nested routes and stuff?


yeah it does a nested friends/:id/articles/:id thing.

it’s a good book, my only issue is that the testing stuff is very sparse and it doesn’t cover auth. i have yet to find any good ember testing material.

Has creating Rails API’s made the trials list yet?

To be more specific I’m looking for good authentication tutorials / advice that doesn’t use Devise. It seems most API tutorials completely skip authentication & authorization… even Thoughtbots “iOS on rails” book glosses over the subject.

@scott I wrote a series of blog posts on deploying an ember-cli application with a rails backend using Heroku for the Rails side and divshot for ember-cli. Here’s the first one.

@scott we’ve also now released the first three exercises for the ember fundamentals trail and I’d love some feedback!

it’s devise and it’s angular, but the devise token auth readme has a good overview on secure api auth. The conceptual and security sections are probably the most interesting/relevant.

@MattMSumner nice blog post :), I will try and go through the trail today, I have found that Ember has a much steeper learning curve. Have you done anything other than github authentication in Ember?

This is my preference, but I think diving into open source projects is the best way to quickly learn new frameworks. My initial problem with learning Ember was that most of the examples/tutorials were trivial, and some of the first projects (i.e. Discourse and Balanced) were too complex to wrap my head around.

I highly recommend taking a look at Ghost as it is a simple enough domain to get into your head, but is also more substantial than a todo list.

Also, make sure you have the Ember Inspector. I cannot overstate how essential it is for overcoming the initial learning curve.


I might be late to the party, but I found a great tutorial for Ember on Rails.


@dolphorama I see you’re from Austin! Are you down to some pair programming? I’d love to up my Ember+Rails skills first-hand.

just found a new Ember video tutorial on Tuts+

The ember cli 101 book is the best one on the subject, I have been creating production applications with ember for some time now. I think that coming from rails it should be very straight forward. I think that because I am learning ruby and rails and I can see the similarities. The best way to learn is using ember cli and localstorage for creating a simple app, understan routes and models, create components, etc