Better errors in Rails Trails

Hello! I’m a newbie in Rails Development, and I’m trying out the Rails Trails, but when I ran rake command, the errors are formatted like the image below, is this normal? or is something wrong with my system? or is there a way to make it more readable? To ease learning.

I think you are talking about the gem backtrace errors, see Checkout the first section that has:

config.backtrace_exclusion_patterns << /gems/

to limit output.


I have found the same thing. For some reason uninitialized constant errors are formatted this way for me. This is in the Upcase trails as well as my other projects. Once I get past these errors, the rspec error formatting goes to what you would expect to see. I looked for a solution for a while, but honestly it was more trouble than it was worth. I just got past this error and started seeing what I was used to and went from there.