Bug report and a request

Hello guys,

Looks like there’s a bug in Upcase’s review system. I posted a comment about my own solution, explaining it in general, and it’s now counting as “reviewed”. There are two bugs:

  • A solution shouldn’t be marked as reviewed when the creator himself posts a comment on it.
  • After posting the comment, though I didn’t review anyone’s solution yet, the “review a peer’s solution” step is also marked as complete.

Can you erase my comment, so that my solution can appear for others to review?

Also, If anyone wants to post a review, that’s more than welcome, thanks! :slight_smile: Here’s the link:


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I have to agree with @thiagoa here. I’ve done this twice now on more simple exercises because I assumed the solution I’d be given to review would be similar(if not exactly the same) as my solution. In one case the peer’s solutions who I did review was the same :slight_smile: