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I would really like to enjoy the slack channel that you created for us, but I have two concerns with it.

First is that the bots fill up the conversation thread a little too much and as upcase grows it will only get worse. I do understand the reasoning for having it since there has been problems getting peer review participation. However I feel however that if I was to post into the channel, my post would go unnoticed by most because of this.

Second is that I currently am in three Slack teams, two for business needs and this one for the community and I am unfortunately about to sign out of the thoughtbot team while at work to keep the noise down.

I have turned off all notifications to the #upcase-community channel, but that seems counter productive to solving the first problem as I am now ignoring everyone else. Would creating a second channel like #upcase-exercises be appropriate?

Or maybe I am just not understanding what the intention of the channel is from your end of things and that could be clarified.



How do we join the Slack channel? I seem to have missed this announcement!

@aaronmcadam: try visiting and signup using with guest account.

I had the same thoughts/concerns about the channel as @frank_west_iii. The bots are too noisy at the moment. I’d say that encouraging users to review other submissions through the exercises system itself is the right way to go. I’m not really sure how a large community (like the one we have here on upcase) should use slack as a communication channel.

Thanks man :smile:

Hmm it can’t find my email address, oh well

@frank_west_iii @lenartr The chat room is brand new and we’ll continue to learn about the best ways it can be used, I appreciate you putting forth our opinion so that we can try to make it work for everyone.

I agree that the exercise solution bot is too noisy. For now, I’ve disabled the exercise solution bot. That should decrease the noise dramatically and make it much easier to have some conversation.

@aaronmcadam, the chat room is a brand-new thing we’re trying. Currently, the most active members doing exercises are getting an invitation. Looking at your account, you’d need to complete more exercises in order to get an invite.

ahh man, I better get busy too! :smile:

@cpytel Am I qualified yet?

@christoomey Is this still a thing? Would be cool if so!