Can you help me make action straightforward to user?

I have a feature in my app - syncing video with gps data. You can see it here:

I’m trying to make form so user will be able to setup it on his own.

The first dirty attempt here:

What I want to make clear to user:

  1. On this page he can setup sync video with gps data.
  2. Only youtube videos are supported.
  3. He need to upload video to youtube first and then paste link to "Url’ field
  4. Then he need play video until start of the jump and then press “<” button on video offset
  5. After it he need to set where on track jump start by clicking on the chart.
  6. And finally save.

For the first I’m going to add title
For the third by placeholder on Url field

But for other I don’t know and still trying find good approach. Can you help me with it?

My second attempt.