Dashboard layout

I’m creating an app that lets a business ask their clients for a facebook, twitter, or email recommendation. So the client will post something nice about the relevant business on the clients own facebook, twitter, or email.

The weird part is that the business writes a suggested recommendation/post which the client can then edit before they post it to Facebook etc. Reducing errors and making it easy for their clients.

I’m creating the UI but am struggling to simplify it enough while still explaining the weird bit of writing your own compliment/recommendation.

Any layout feedback will be appreciated.

Here’s a link to a screenshot.

@grantspilsbury One of the things I think that could help would be to separate the two parts of the form so one is above the other or maybe even on separate pages. This will create a little focus and give you the opportunity to add more descriptive introductions. Having them side by side makes the form seem a little overwhelming. Also the yellow behind each input in the form is distracting because of all of the emphasis it has and helps with the lack of focus.

Thanks Kyle.

Its hard to split the form as both sides need to be completed at the same time.

Is this any better:

@grantspilsbury but you can still put step 1 above step 2 and tone down the color.

What I’m trying to do is add some hierarchy to the page. Since you have so much color and so much going on all at once everything has strong emphasis and my eye is jumping all around the page. I have no focus. The people filling out the form aren’t going to be able to fill it all out at the same time. Figure out the order that you want them to see things and then you have an outline for the hierarchy you want them to follow. eg:

  • Step 1 title / introduction
  • Step 1 name
  • Step 1 address
  • Step 1 email
  • etc…