Feedback on Design

feedback on design… for the team image should I just have a circle or does this currently look good

Tony could you remove that girls image. That image made it look some dating website. Plus you could also ask for suggestions on your design on

Ya I just used that image because it was the first decent quality portrait shot I scrolled upon. Reddit good thinking!

@Tony I’d love to take a look at the page, but the heroku app no longer exists!

@edwin It is back up. -thank you

Thanks for letting me take a look. I work on Learn doing design/front-end development, and I love helping people out on this forum, but there are so few design questions!

####Anyways, here are some first thoughts/nitpicks:

  • The logo should be a link.
  • The form fields under “contact” should have placeholder="" attributes for the placeholder text, and the value="" attribute should be blank.
  • The map in the footer is really cool, but it flickers when the image changes. Consider using an image sprite to load only one image:
  • The email and twitter handles in the footer should be links.
  • Consider increasing the animation speed of the hover effect on the team page, and consider showing skills outright instead of hiding/revealing them.
  • On the team page, consider utilizing more horizontal space and showing a few people side-by-side, instead of each person having their own row.
  • Write a short description of the agency in the tag, something like “Tau — Ruby on Rails development” — that’ll improve the way you look in search results, and the number of keywords for which you rank.

####Bigger questions:

  • If you’re trying to establish an agency or freelance partnership, you need to consider its identity in the way you write text, in the images, in the design, etc. Do you want to appear friendly? Large? Boutique? Cutting-edge vs. reliable?
  • Consider which page to show first — most agencies have an intro paragraph and then their work.
  • On the skill page, consider talking about your skill set instead of showing badges, or swap the skill page out for a work page. If you haven’t had any clients yet, maybe a “projects” page with personal projects or open-source contributions.

####Some of my favorite agency websites:

Let me know if that makes sense, and feel free to ask questions about anything I said. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the amazing feedback!’s site is phenomenal! Everything you said made perfect sense. I would really like the site’s style to appear as unique while keeping a minimal feel.

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Awesome! Good luck and let me know when you make changes. I really like the design of this website alot.

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That’s a nice personal site. Some nice subtle parallax, a clear order to the content, fun statistics, and a clear call to action. I wish he would elaborate on his projects though i.e. what was challenging/interesting about the project, what the process was like, how he solved their problems, etc. — I see a lot of portfolios that present screenshots of their work and nothing else — this guy at least has small descriptions of each project.

One extreme example of talking about a project is a case study from Teehan+Lax: (yes, that whole page is a single case study.)

Another extreme example, for a non-web project:

I think the agency JP74 hits a nice middle-ground: details on the project’s context/problems, their goals, and their solutions (the solutions are the screenshots etc. being presented.) So when someone presents only screenshots, they’re just showing their solution without telling you what problem it’s solving.

Wow Thanks for the share edwin! I need to contact them and find out how to get these I really like the way they explain their work in experimentaljetset. Also makes me want to work on my typography and design skills.

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Glad I could help!