Finding Talented Designers

I’m looking for a good designer and having a horrible time of it. Does anyone have recommendations for finding a good designer? I’m in Texas in the DFW area.

So far I’ve ran ads on craigslist, indeed, and the usual network connections but just haven’t had any luck at all.

Any thoughts on this @mjankowski?

@bdtomlin One of the best places to look is on If you pay for a pro account ($20/yr I think) they give you the ability to search for people in your area. It has the added benefit of seeing their work as you search for them. They also have a job board that you pay to be put on. I’ve seen a pretty good success rate from a combination of those two.

I know we have also posted on a couple times too (Thats how I found out about the design opening)

It also helps to be clear about what you are looking for eg visual design, HTML / CSS, all of the above, etc. The more qualifications you look for in the designer the harder it will be to find them.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if you want me to look at a portfolio.


Thanks for the advice. That was a great confirmation since I just posted to dribbble and authentic jobs based on the recommendation of Daniel Ariza from Hashrocket.