Design Brief: Xchain

Hi @kylefiedler et al, I’m a coder through-and-through and it’s bugged me for ages that I can’t design for toffee (see for something to make designers cry into their css). I now have a desperate need to be less than useless as I’m #2 in a new startup - and I’m trying to build something that doesn’t make potential users run away screaming or think we’re never going to make it. So anyway I’ve signed up to the upcase course, and here’s my design brief:

P.s. I love that the presenter in video #1 is nervous, it makes it feel a lot less intimidating.


Hey @timabell,

Hope the course helps you get there. I have to say it’s been a while since I’ve last updated the course. This is a great start.

People in the propery market should be able to advertise their intention to sell as well as to buy

What are their pain points? What keeps these people up at night?

Glad my nerves in front of the camera make you feel a little more comfortable.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s a good question and one which I think needs more work (just read The Lean Startup and have a lot to do on that front). The main pain point seems to be terrible information flow, i.e. “why is my chain held up”, “where are all the buyers the estate agent promised?”, but I think we really need to get talking to potential users and get some more facts.

My co-founder and the man with the idea, Richard, wrote a bit about the motivation here if you’re interested: (scroll down past the huge image!)

Sorry to hear about the layoffs at thoughtbot, hope calmer waters are ahead. I enjoy the giant robots show, always food for thought.

Many thanks for replying, I wasn’t really expecting it but it’s certainly appreciated!