Design Brief: ChrsWndrs -- blog / portfolio

Hi @kylefiedler. I subscribed to the upcase Design for Developers series and finished the Design - Brief. Here s the link to the project, design-brief.markdown.

[CHRSWNDRS] Design Brief

A brief summary of the business/site goals.

What problems are you trying to solve? What is the purpose of the app? (2-3 sentences)

I want to make myself a Website to get a job as a Software Tester (Future: Automated

This site should be a blog - portfolio Site which tries to be like a Personal Web
Development Journal, that covers my transition from unemployed in the Field - to
actually working on that Job.
The Focus of the Blog should be on the writing and organization of the materials
relations. It should give you a nice looking guide about a specific circle of
e.g. Tools or setups for programming solid website with software testing.

The Focus of the Portfolio section should be on a guided route through the
projects I’ve done so far. And should show something like Testimonials or People
I’ve worked with. (How to build Trust? How to not look cheap?)

Ideally, this site would connect me with Programming Problems, and I could pair
w/ a user to help him solve it, or try to build a connection with the user to learn
the subject with him.

The key users.

Describe behaviors, expectation, knowledge, or other characteristics. (One sentence each)

Software Testing Beginners like I am, that try to learn with another human.
(e.g. sometimes is better to have someone to talk to, to get unstuck.)

More advanced Software Testers that could teach the users and me something and
want to try to help (e.g. Guru section or Guru’s Hints)

NonProfit Organizations that are looking for a Software Tester.

Individual people that are searching for someone who can test their Ruby/JavarScript App.
Or for someone who can setup an Automated environment in --language-- for them!

Companies that are looking for a Freelance Software Tester.(Future)

Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.

These should be short narratives of the above users with your app/site. (One sentence each)

In an Editor/IDE share session in which two individuals are working on the same
programming problem to learn and solve a problem together.(software testing

In an IRC/slack like chat where they can share learning material and discuss the
learning topics.(software testing beginners)

A Scheduled date&time event that ends with an hour or half an hour google
hangout.(more advanced software testers.)
An Audio version of that if it is OK with the Guru (e.g. Podcast; more advanced
software testers).

In a survey where the user can get something like an estimation of the cost when
he wants to start a project. (Future, e.g. what do you want me to do for you.)

Design style guidelines to follow.

These are a list of qualities or characteristics (usually adjectives) you’d like the design to follow. The more specific you are with these the easier it will be for you to create a compelling design (e.g. don’t use “Clean”). (2-3 words)

  • performant
  • simple/straight forward
  • organized
  • Impersonal (The design should let the writing add the personality, love that)

Sounds great @chrswndrs!

@kylefiedler Thank you for the reply and for the course!!!

Have a nice day!

@chrswndrs let me know how it goes as you move through the course. Happy to provide critique and answer any questions.

@kylefiedler appreciate it, thx!! I will definitely do that. :slight_smile: