Design Brief: Blog

Here is my design brief for the first exercise of Design for Developers!

Blog Design Brief

A brief summary of the business / site goals.

With this site I aim to contribute to the Ruby community by posting weekly blogs. These blogs will detail challenges I have faced while working on client apps. The main reason for doing this is to force myself to solidify my learning enough to teach others, and to showcase my projects.

The key users.

Me - The design should inspire me to write posts!

Readers - It should be easy on the eyes, but also capture the reader’s attention. I want the design to be minimal, powerful, and cohesive. The blog posts will be related to my portfolio projects.

Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.

I will be adding blogs, and readers will be reading them. I will also use this site to showcase my projects to potential employers.

Design style guidelines to follow.

  • Clean
  • Confident
  • Intelligent
  • Bash
  • Ruby