Can't change my membership to a team membership

Hi everyone;

I’ve tried a few different times and ways, and have been unable to turn my professional membership into a team membership. I convinced my company to add three or four developers to upcase. If I am logged in, I have no option to change my plan to the team plan, and if I’m logged out and go to the team subscription plan, it asks me to log in, at which point the team subscription option disappears.

I can post a short screencast if it would help you see what I’m looking at.

Anyway, I just want to get them signed up. Can you help?

er…chirp? :smile: you guys make it hard to give you our money. @benorenstein

Hey @philipbradley!

Sorry about the delay on this. I was on vacation this week. In the future, emailing is generally a better way to get support for things like this.

Anyhow, thanks for pointing out this edge case. You’re right that we don’t have an easy path for upgrading a single membership to a team one right now.

Would you like your account to the be team administrator (capable of adding and removing members?)

If so, I can switch your plan to a team plan.

If you’d like someone else to be the admin, they can just sign up for a team plan directly at and I’ll add your existing account to the new team.

Just let me know which you prefer and I’ll get you sorted out asap.

Thanks @benorenstein. Somehow I did not think to email help@upcase.

Yes, can you switch my plan to a team plan. I can be the admin.

thank you.