Chrome Dev Tools

The Chrome DevTools are an amazing tool and a critical part of our workflow on Upcase and client apps. Tune in as Ben & Chris discuss their favorite features and tips for getting the most out of the DevTools.

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Great episode guys and grats on 100!

Do you ever use or have an opinion of Rails Panel? It has really helped me out a few times.

Thanks @khundawg, thanks! It’s been a lot of fun (as evidenced so well by the bloopers).

I’d not heard of Rails Panel before this, but it looks great. I have used similar dev tools extensions for Angular, Ember, and React in the past and they are great.

Closest I’ve used for Rails is rack-mini-profiler.

Inspect Element mode shortcut should be:


(on mac)

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Hi @vigo, thanks for sharing. Looks like both work! Not sure why, but good to know there are options.

sombody was faster :wink:

$0, $1 for jquery selection is brilliant! Thanks for sharing that knowledge! :grinning: