Clearance documentation

Hi, for my next Rails project I would like to use Thoughtbot’s Clearance gem. Does anybody know of a good learning resource for using Clearance?



thanks Chad!

Hi Chad,
If i change password strategy to Blowfish, it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve added salt field and everything is well configured. I’ve tested with two different database but no chance. Error is “ActiveRecord invalid statement”!

Can you provide more information about what you mean by “it doesn’t work anymore”? Do you get an error?

It works great with Bcrypt. Here is the error when i use Blowfish!
ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (Mysql2::Error: Incorrect string value: '\xD8:/&#2...' for column 'encrypted_password'

Hmm. Sounds like a problem persisting the data with MySQL. Are you able to try this with SQLite or postgres? Any different results? If not, please open an issue on Clearance and I’ll have a look on Friday.

Is there a reason you want to use the blowfish encryption strategy? I’ve been considering deprecating and removing (or moving to separate gems) all strategies other than Bcrypt. The reason being I haven’t seen anyone use them and because we don’t use them I can’t vouch for their functionality.

I’ve tried with sqlite too but no chance. I always use bcrypt but blowfish is appealing so i wanted to give a try. Nothing else.

I will open an issue in github.