Clearance: Rails Authentication Made Easy | Online Video Tutorial by thoughtbot

Join Chris and Derek Prior (Development Director in thoughtbot's Boston office) to talk about Clearance, a great solution for email and password authentication. Just like Rails, Clearance is opinionated, and those opinions help make it more secure and easier to use.

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legacy means that it’s not as secure as it could be

Would love to get more technical details for self education on security. What are the legacy issues and how they are getting fixed in 2.0? Thanks

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I was quite disappointed all this covered was what is written in the README. I found it quite boring and an insult to those subscribed.

What would of been better was how this could of been expanded writing Guards and adding functionality such as adding extra fields to the sign-up form and modifying those routes and controllers as you discussed.

Hopefully @christoomey takes note and improves this episode in the future.