Course changes for Capybara 2


I have completed writing the intergration tests from the video.
I decided to be a little black sheep and installed the latest gems: ruby 2.0.0-195, rails 3.2.13, and capybara 2.1.0 instead of 1.1.4, and slim-rails

I think i only had to change
expect(page).to have_css ‘title’, text: ‘Todos’

expect(page).to have_title ‘Todos’

I really enjoyed your 2013 Portland Railsconf conference TDD Workshop: Outward-in Development, Unit Tests, and Fixture Data
I noted that Harlow Ward said that the new capybara feature scenario DSL that comes with 2.0 has probably been a win for you. ( )

I guess i might create a branch that uses rails 4 instead to have a little more fun :smile:
Any suggestions on what to until the next video?

@joshclayton: Any suggestions?

Just saw your talk “How to talk to developers” on vimeo
I usually put one on and fall asleep - but now im like 1000% awake!

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@Rockfordal I’d upgrade to Rails 4 and poke around - just be sure to run the tests as you change things to make sure things still work. The next video covers unit tests, but I’d suggest going through and seeing if there’s anything to refactor. Refactoring can happen both at the application code and the tests, so don’t just dig through the app/ directory. If you really want to jump ahead, you could start tinkering around with unit tests like we get ready to in the video. The goal of the workshop is to have adding, viewing, and marking complete/incomplete todos, so feel free to go ahead and start playing with that functionality (maybe on a branch?) and you can compare what you came up with to the video later.

Good luck!

Thanks! Glad you liked it.