Https:// no longer available?

I’m having some issues getting started. Thought that I would follow the advice in the instructions and fork from your repo, and it doesn’t seem to be there. Googled it but I can’t find it anywhere. Are there any plans to put it back up?

Also, what is the version of rspec that is being used in the workshop, since I think that may be the source of my problem?


@jplisamaria you must be logged into github with a user who has access to that repository to see it. I’ve confirmed that the github user jplisamaria, which is what is on your Learn account has access to the repository.

Please make sure you’re logged into github with that user and try again. Let me know if you have any further trouble.

Thanks Chad. That worked. Perhaps I had inadvertently signed out of github.

BTW, would you please tell me the verion of rspec used in the Workshop. When I installed rspec I got a spec/rails_helper.rb file in addition to just the spec/spec_helper.rb shown in the workshop. I’m using version 3.0.2 I found that in order to get the initial tests to work I had to add require 'capybara/rspec' in the spec_helper.rb file, which was not shown in the workshop…and I’m wondering if this is a version difference.

@jplisamaria sorry for the confusion. The intended version is RSpec 2, I recommend hardcoding at 2.14.1 for now. I’m going to look into why this hasn’t come up before.