RSpec / Testing Video Series

Hello, would a series of getting started to RSpec or testing in general considered beginner? I know Upcase now is going to Intermediate level only. I would love a series from Ruby - Rails testing, much like the Old Rails for Beginner video series where Matt teach from basic ruby - basic rails. I already finished the Trails for the Testing but to be honest, didn’t really learn that much, I answered 4 out of 5 there on my own but don’t know how to get started.

I don’t know if this is still on the new goals of Upcase, but it would be great. What’s you’re feedback guys?

I can’t recommend thoughtbot’s book Testing Rails enough. It’s still in beta but the information is solid.

If you haven’t seen the weekly iteration videos “The First Feature is the Hardest” and “The Second Feature is Easier” they make great supplements to the actual trials themselves.

Hello @iamarmanjon, in addition to the testing book and WI episodes recommended by @mrlee_io, I’d also suggest checking out the Test Driven Rails video trail, as well as the test doubles trail (in that order). Those will provide a good bit of additional detail on how we approach testing.

As for longer term content plans, Rspec and testing are both solidly within our refined content approach. We don’t have anything specific in development right now, but those are certainly topics we are keeping in mind as we revise and add new content.

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Thanks guys, will checkout the Test Driven Track later.