Deploying assets pipeline updates to heroku

Kind experts, could you please enlighten me on the topic of deployment of assets pipeline changes to heroku. Currently I’m trying to push some changes to already deployed to heroku app but whatever combination of preferences/configs/compilations I have tried does not seem to work. The funniest thing is that I actually can see css classes changing on my tags and I can confirm that in this one huge css file users get in production there are my new css classes. But they don’t take effect on the page :frowning: One of my guesses is that this is caching issue but I’m not sure that’s why I’m asking you - what’s the routine for deploying pipeline updates to heroku?


By default, assets will be precompiled on slug compilation. You should see this output when you push your application to Heroku. Here’s the full rundown on the asset pipeline from Heroku.

If you’re seeing that both the markup and the css on the effected clients have been updated and yet you’re not seeing new styles then I don’t think you have a caching problem anywhere along the way. From what you’ve told us the client appears to be getting the updated assets and markup.

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yes, and that’s the weird thing… I get it when assets are not compiled or uploaded to heroku but in my case they just don’t take effect.