Including 'public/assets' in Git repo when deploying on Heroku

I am hosting a Rails app on Heroku and using the S3 to host assets. Recently I switched to Bootstrap 3 which is currently not enabled through Gem so I added the source to ‘vendor/assets’ and pre-compiled the assets for use in development. This added the compiled versions of the assets to ‘public/assets’. Should I ignore this directory in the Git repository or does it make some sense to have this included?

As far as I understand, since I’m hosting the assets on S3 and run the assets compilation on the Heroku server after I deployed my code there the files in ‘public/assets’ are redundant and not needed.

I have actually found an answer to this myself. If you are hosting your app on Heroku and using the asset_sync gem to synchronize the assets to S3, and need to use precompiled assets in development, you should definitely NOT include the ‘public/assets’ in your Git repo.

When you push your app to Heroku and it detects the ‘public/assets’ it will skip the pre-compilation of the assets and at the same time will continue to use the assets already on S3 which are now outdated.