Design Brief: Graph Data App (like Mental Maps)

Graph Data Design Brief

A brief summary of the business / site goals.

I am creating a simple tool to enable people to visually express concepts and their relations as dots and lines, with a easy-to-change estructure that will highligh on its own it’s own natural hierachies.

The key users.

Users of the app: these will need knowledge to handle basic web applications and also have basic notions of mental maps.

Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.

An user will enter the site, create a new ‘document’ in which he will enter concepts, give them basic classifications through colors and specify certain relations between those concepts, after that the user can reorder the data he entered manually or automatically to picture the most important concepts and relations.

An example of the type of visual graphs the app will enable you to do

it’s a mental map, but with less constrained structure

Design style guidelines to follow.

  • Organized
  • Open
  • Connected