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Devise Sign In and Sign Up on the same page

(Chris Kuffo) #1

Anyone have any luck using the a devise sign in and sign up form on your home page. Currently I am only having success displaying one or the other based off the instructions listed here

Thanks in advance.

(Noah Clark) #2

Are you getting errors or how are you not having success?

(Chris Kuffo) #3

Lol. Funny enough in trying to respond to your question and replicate the problem it now works. The error i was seeing before was a routing issue. This seems to keep happening to me like there is some sort of cacheing going on. Do i always have to shut the server down to really see changes take affect immediately?

(Noah Clark) #4

You need to restart the server to see routing changes take effect, but other changes like model, view, controller changes should be immediate. There are tools like rerun that I use to address this issue on small apps. I’d rather manually do it on bigger apps because of the boot up time. I think you can also use a tool like zeus or guard as well, but I don’t have experience with either of those being configured that way.

(Chris Kuffo) #5

Thanks Noah