Does any idea to build heroku instance on multi-folders?

Hello Guys

normally, every folder will mapping one rails app, and each one can push to Heroku as individual app.
but I have several related applications, used one engine, such as spree:

  • one admin area
  • website(User-facing)
  • core

the admin and website used core(they are private at all), and they are different heroku apps. I pushed them in different folder. i would like to build similar project structure that is like spree too. as following:
– root

the structure is easier to build, but 1. Heroku’s deployment is base on git push; 2. gem need install;
so my questions:

  1. no git option, no gems register on rubygems, only specify :path, Is it works when deployment on admin and website?
  2. only one git repo, does any ideas to push each different app? just like app.json ?
  3. Heroku provide function, such as heroku run, ‘heroku logs’, ‘heroku ps’…Is not works in sub-folder, they are depend on “git repo”?