First Rails project

How can I debug this app? What I want it to look like is just the LINKS, they will open a “modal” that is not a new window but has a similar visual feel as floating over the rest, contents. Also, each link/comic is supposed to have it’s OWN modal. I did not get that part working yet. Please take a look here at the root of my app. Thanks!

Ok, now I see this, which looks different as far as the way to do a modal. Does anyone know what the best practices for this are? Is twitter-bootstrap the best for modals?? Again, thank you anyone wants to help.

Using something like twitter bootstrap to provide some base CSS and JavaScript plugins is probably a very good idea based on where you are at.

It’s been a while since I used twitter bootstrap, but their documentation is pretty good. Here’s the documentation for modals.

I’d probably start by getting bootstrap’s CSS and JavaScript into your application, making sure your app loads the CSS and the JavaScript, then I’d refactor the view so the items are rendered so as to appear in modals.

At the time I last used Bootstrap, I felt like bootstrap-sass was the easiest option for getting bootstrap into your rails app.