gitsh, a thoughtbot open-source project, is an interactive shell specifically designed for git. This week, Chris shows us how it can really streamline our workflow.

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Hey @christoomey thanks a lot for the intro to gitsh.

Kudos to you guys, you are making pretty badass tools at Thoughtbot.

Iā€™m using the Tmux setup that Chris is using in the videos. I needed to add a little more to the key binding to get the proper functionality. Without adding the current pane, it was just opening my root path and starting gitsh in a split. This was causing uninitialized git repository warnings.

I changed the binding to this to mimic the same solution we used to opening new tabs in the same context.

###Allow Gitsh to open in window with current path
bind-key g split-window -h -c ā€˜#{pane_current_path}ā€™ -p 50 gitsh