How can I display Rails "function hints" (method signature) snippets or expansions?

Along the lines of this question, but for Rails: How can I see the declaration/signature of a method using code completion and/or snippets? That is, when I type:


I want to get prompted with, basically, a snippet:

which expands to the method signature:

Voilà. (Even more usefully, the ‘check_box_tag <snip> (check_box_tag)’ prompt would actually display the full signature, so that I could just use it as a reference if I don’t actually want to expand the snippet.)

To make this work, seems like I need a plugin that automatically generates a snippet from each method tag in my codebase (presumably, updating the snippets on every call to ctags). Does that exist? I can’t find it. At the very least, it would be useful to have method-completion snippets for all the standard Rails methods. (rails.snippets doesn’t include these.)

Can anyone suggest a way to achieve this functionality, or something like it?