How to alias "foreman start" in zsh?

Does any help me to make alias for “foreman start”?

I have used oh-my-zsh. but I also add “alias fs=‘foreman start’”.
no any problem when

$ source .zshrc

but show error message when used

$ fs
=> zsh: command not found: foreman

Do you have the foreman gem install to your system ruby?

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no, the foreman in another gemset.
I gotcha you mean, I need install foreman in my system ruby(gemset), not in rvm’s gemset, right?

so that, my another question, if I install foreman in rvm’s gemset, how can I share it bwteeen rvm’s gemset and system gemset?

thanks, I just install foreman in system ruby. it is very simple I think

Cool :slight_smile: However, keep in mind that if you switch ruby between apps you’ll need foreman to either be in the Gemfile or installed for the specific version of ruby. For a discussion on whether or not to include foreman in your Gemfile, see this PR for suspenders.