How to install trail-map on my rails app?

I wanted to try installing my own copy of trails map on my computer? How do I do that?

Also from the repo’s readme and its structure, it’s not clear for me whether it’s a rails gem that I can add to my project and view it in some kind of routes or is it just a couple of files that doesn’t work without the server code used at learn.thoughtbot ?

just wanted to bump on my thread to check if this is doable?

The trail-map repository contains all of the content for the trail maps, but it doesn’t contain the web interface. The Ruby code in the repository just checks that the content is good (valid JSON, no dead links, unique IDs, etc.), it doesn’t provide any support for integrating the trails into a Rails app.

If you need offline access to the trails we have a free iOS app that might help you out if you have an iPhone or iPad.

thanks @georgebrock. I do use the ipad app for trails and it’s fantastic. How does thoughtbot have an trails web interface at is that code that open source?

For our web interface we pull the JSON data from GitHub and store it in a database using an ActiveRecord model.

The code for isn’t open source though.