How to setup middleman-blog with Suspenders?

I followed the walk-through at: However, I started it from a Suspenders app. So I ran middleman init from the root folder of my Suspenders app creating the my_blog folder.

The middleman blog works fine and if I cd my_blog then bundle exec middleman I can see the blog at localhost:4567.

The Suspenders app also works fine and I can see that content also.

However, I am not sure how to render my blog content in the Suspenders app. My goal is to include a blog in a larger site. How do get the middleman blog to render? Also, is this a good approach or is there a better way to setup this site?

Hi Jason, I also build a website with blog functionality in Middleman based on the Thoughtbot post .

Everything works fine, you can watch my repo here:

hope this helps,


Thanks for sharing. That is a good reference. Your site does not have the same setup mine does though. I have the middleman blog in a Suspenders app. If you can take a look, my folder structure is here:

Putting the middle man application inside of a Rails application (which is what suspenders is) is not a typical setup, but is possible by mounting the middleman application as a Rack app within the Rails app.

You could also generate your middleman static content into the public directory of the rails app.

You can read about this here:

I recommend you consider hosting the middleman application on a separate application on a sub domain from your domain. So for exemplar, if your rails application will be hosted at, your blog would be

You could also consider not using middleman but use a blogging Rails engine, which is intended to be used the way you’re trying to do it.

I hope that helps, let me know of anything is not clear,