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How to use Vim's ] command on an Azerty keyboard

(Acandael Acandael) #1


I’m watching Ben Orenstein’s Vim for Rails Developers series. On the chapter of CTags, he tells to use the keystroke Ctrl + ] to use Ctags functionality.

The problem is, I’m on a Azerty keyboard. To get a square bracket ‘]’, I need to use the keyboard combination Shift + alt + ) So is there a way to get around this and use the Vim ‘]’ functionality?

thanks for your help,


(Joe Ferris) #2

You can remap just about any key you want in Vim by adding mappings to your .vimrc. For example, you could use this to make Ctrl+T also work for jumping to tags:

nmap <C-T> <C-]>

(Acandael Acandael) #3

Thanks Joe, I was just watching Laila Winners ‘Mapping commands’ video (The Art of Vim). Those mappings come in really handy for people with Azerty keyboards.