Cucumber.vim not working

Today, my ability to Ctrl-] from a feature file (MacOS) to the associated step definition stopped working; all I get is

E426: tag not found: Given

It was working earlier this week and I can’t recall any changes to my .vimrc since then. Trying to resolve this, I’ve done:

  1. PluginInstall! (the new command replacing BundleInstall!)
  2. Rebuild my ctags file (I have exuberant ctags installed)
  3. Reload $MYVIMRC
  4. Restart vim
  5. Stop/restart terminal
  6. Remove the tagbar plugin (it went in the same time as cucumber vim so shouldn’t be a problem)

Any suggestions? I’m going to reboot my machine and see if that does any good.


Rebooting doesn’t solve the problem ;-/

I had erroneously put my Feature File in the wrong location - not under features/… Duh. Moving it to the correct location solved everything.

Do you keep your dotfiles in a git repo?

If so, you can use try resetting back a few commits to make sure it wasn’t a config file change that caused this.

If not, well, I recommend you start, for this reason and others. :slight_smile:

Also, you might want to just open an issue on cucumber.vim: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Thanks, Ben… Yes I’ve got a dotfile repo but that wasn’t it. I finally figured out that I had accidentally put this feature file in a directory parallel to ./features, rather than under it – dang!

Anyway, it’s fixed and Time Pope (where I did join a ticket with other folks having a similar problem) and he was very helpful. I also learned, belatedly, that he had changed the mapping for the feature => step definition ‘jump’ key from Ctrl-] to ]Ctrl-D to avoid conflicts with the built-in vim mapping.