Rails.vim stopped working... help!

I updated my copy of thoughtbot/dotfiles and updated my bundle last night (after the update it was trying to load vim-mkdir twice), and noticed that I started getting errors related to autocommands in Rails. Now even after I comment out and BundleClean away all of my personalized packages, Rails.vim doesn’t seem to load or recognize that I’m in a Rails application (commands like Econtroller are not available). Has anyone else had this issue? I’m digging through the commit history for vim-rails and it’s not clear what might have caused this problem.

I made this go away by rebuilding my dotfiles piece by piece, but the problem was that I was loading a set of rails.vim projects in a file in /autoload/rails.vim. It looks like the new version of Vundle (no longer mantained by @gmarik!) changed the way it handles paths and autoloading, and so my file was clobbering vim-rails.

Well, that was an annoying waste of a morning.

Bummer! Thanks for posting the follow-up resolution though.