Navigating Ruby Files with Vim - help resolving conflicts


I discovered Upcase while researching how to effectively use VIM for Rails development - having stumbled across this link (

I already managed to configure my VIM environment using Janus. The reason for this post to try and get some help understanding what I need to do to my Janus based environment in order to use the vim-rails plugin. I already added vim-rails to Janus by cloning it within the .janus directory but the ‘[m’ and ‘]m’ commands don’t work.

The other possibility that I would greatly appreciated is if someone could recommend a post aimed at VIM newbies that explains how to install a complete and functional Rails based ‘IDE like’ VIM environment.


Hi @dekhaus, there are some dependencies that need to be properly installed in order to attain the motions shown in the video. I think you need vim-ruby, textobj-rubyblock and matchit, at least.

There are some downloadable instructions/cheatsheets on the video page that should help you sort this out.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Dave. Welcome to Upcase!

As for your question about IDE-ifying vim, I actually recommend the opposite!