Vim for Rails Developers

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surprised you don’t show us how to install vim-rails… or how to open it once it is installed…

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I wonder if there is any quickstart manual about installing VIM with everything you need for rails development. Cause even though I’ve installed vim-rails, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough to do things in most VIM video tutorials. I know there is dot-files repos, but it’s still a bit unclear how to bootstrap only vim using these dot files, and installing plugins one-by-one seems like a slow way.


@thedanotto - You can find the installation details for vim-rails at the vim-rails Github. It’s currently suggested to use pathogen, a well-supported add-on manager for vim. Assuming you use pathogen, vim-rails should be active as soon as you reopen vim.

@DmitriySalko I believe thoughtbot has a script called laptop that installs a dev environment on OSX for you,
might want to have a look at that?

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

thanks for the help!