Trouble getting Rails.vim and Pathogen to work on Windows

The problem

I’m having problems getting pathogen and/or rails.vim to work on Windows.

What I’ve done to try and solve the problem myself so far

I’ve tried both my program file’s vimfiles folder and my user directory’s vimfiles fold and the nuances of _vimrc, vimfiles/vimrc with no luck.

I even attempted manually installing the plug-in files inside the bundle and doc folders with no luck.

If necessary I feed in the output of lines using :r.

Resources I’ve tried

  • pathogen’s github page
  • tpope’s github page for rails.vim
  • This video of this courageous user of VIM on Windows (seriously, I wouldn’t wish Windows being used for Rails development on my worst enemy) .

@kevinlozandier… I know what you mean - it’s amazingly broken! I originally started trying to develop Rails on Windows, switched to using cygwin (got that somewhat operational) and finally threw in the towel and moved to a native Linux machine. That has it’s own problems, I assure you, but overall it’s a WAY better alternative.

Have you tried Vagrant for getting a virtual linux machine up and running on your Windows box? If I didn’t have another machine available, that’s what I would do.

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You might want to try Vundle instead of pathogen… much easier to manage

I’ve used Vagrant before (and recently tried out Docker), but I’ve since solved the problem to have somewhat of a passable experience with VIM on Windows.

I feel nerfed not having Tmux available to me honest; I’m using pathogen on Windows, but I use Vundle on Mac & Ubuntu.