How would you implement this?


I am trying to build out a feature similar to the profile completion on Linkedin. I want to be able to ask one question at a time to a logged in user to fill in their company profile or answer questions about their business.

Here is a twist, the profile data is in the company model, things like address, primary contact etc… However, once the company profile is complete I want to start filling in questions that are stored in a different db model called survey_question that will be related to the company by a has many relation.

When the user log’s in they should be met with a form that they can complete 1 question at a time to slowly fill in this profile information, the question presented should first collect the general company data which is part of the company model, once complete the survey questions should be asked.

How would you create the form and generated questions? I have a kind of working method, but I am not happy with the implementation.

Thanks for all the ideas :smile:


So a lot of people looked at this but no replies. I thought I would share where I ended up I did not go all the way to being able to ask any question using another associated model, but adding this feature in should be easy enough when I need it.