Install Ubuntu from ISO image

Hello, Everyone,
I did copy Ubuntu ISO image to USBdrive then i wants that when i insert this USB drive to PC it will work as bootable USBdrive and install OS from ISO image, Instead to expand entire file system to USB from ISo, Is it possible to install directly with ISO image?

I lookover Grub2/ISOBoot utility but i cant understand it, Is there any way i can do this?

This article looks like it may answer your question: Installation/FromUSBStick - Community Help Wiki

No i already read that link, Please re read my question carefully, Above article require that we should expand our ISO image to USB drive, But i dont want that , I need that it should install from ISO image directly.

Gotcha. I think the ubuntu installation forums would probably be a better place to ask this question.

I don’t fully understand the question. Is the situation that you have a bootable Ubuntu USB stick, and now you want to be able boot from the USB and then install Ubuntu on to your normal hard drive?