Can completing the Upcase Trails strengthen my GitHub presence?

I am trying to build my resume and many job applications ask for a GitHub account. In engineering school, I didn’t use GitHub that much. I am trying to build my GitHub profile while learning Ruby on Rails. Can I somehow pull from the remote repositories Upcase has built and push those onto my GitHub profile? Thanks for all your help.

You need to create a new, empty repo on GitHub, then add it as a remote, e.g.:

git remote add github

You can then push to it with:

git push github master

Thank you for your reply. I tried that and it is upset saying repository does not exist, when I know it does. Here is a screen shot:

Did you create a repo at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub ? Did you replace “repo.git” with the name of your actual repo?

Sorry I am so confused. I have been trying to research Git more, but still not getting it. Back to the first line of code :
git remote add github
Is the word github supposed to be replaced? And user with my username and repo.git with a preexisting yet empty repo?

The word github doesn’t need to be changed, but you can if you want. Normally when you have a repo on GitHub, the remote is named origin, but in this case origin already refers to the thoughtbot git host, so we need to call it something else.

You’re correct about changing user and repo.git.

i’m working through the ruby on rails tutorial and i post that to github… but its made me wonder a lot of times if that is the kind of thing an employer really wants to see.