Integrating Twitter feed

Hi, for my latest Rails project I need to integrate a Twitter feed (Twitter wall). I’ve never done this, so I could use some advice.

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Step 1: Find a gem.
Step 2: Try it out.
Step 3: Let us know if you get stuck. :smile:

ok, and do you know of any good gems for this?

Haven’t had to do this myself, so no. But I’d just google around and look for one that’s actively maintained and has tests.

I had looked into this gem recently for a potential project. Nothing to report yet, but at first glance it looked as if it would cover my needs.

thanks khundawg,

this looks like a very elaborate gem. In fact all I need is to be able to show the tweets by one Twitter handle on a website.



Looks like it’s just a connection and a request to get a timeline of posts from a user:

client = do |config|
  config.consumer_key        = "YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY"
  config.consumer_secret     = "YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET"
  config.access_token        = "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"
  config.access_token_secret = "YOUR_ACCESS_SECRET"

#Tweets by username

yeah, that looks pretty easy. I’ll try it out and let you know.

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I could be missing something, but this sounds like a job for twitter’s timeline embeds: Overview | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

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Hi Lar,

That was easy as cake!

Thanks a lot!