Web Services - consuming / interacting with a third party REST API

What are some of the resources that will walk one through an end-to-end scenario for consuming a third party REST API in a fully automated fashion? For instance, getting an API key, sending a request, getting the XML (or JSON) back from the service, parsing the data, and using it in your Rails app.

@Sidd I’d take a look at the httparty gem; it’s very straightforward and handles making requests and turning the results into manageable objects.

@joshclayton - checking it out, as we speak, and nokogiri as well. It’ll be neat to see a step by step process / example to really get comfortable with the concepts - maybe I’ll write one such blog - when I have it all figured out. Thanks!

@Sidd did you write up what you did for the API? I’m now in the same situation you were in when you posted your API question and am searching for pointers to a step-by-step process.