Resources for building API client/wrapper

What are some up-to-date resources you’d recommend for someone writing his first API client for consuming an API?

I’ve googled around but most of the articles found are for building REST APIs not on writing code (gems) for consuming them. Looking at some popular gems (mailchimp etc.) it looks like there are lots of ways of doing it …

Turns out I was using wrong search term - searching for “api wrapper in ruby” yields more results. Here are some links I’ve found for those of you looking for similar material:

There also a discussion on reddit which has some interesting comments.

You’re encouraged to add your favourite resources.

I really like the Excon and Faraday gems. You wouldn’t use both of them to build an API client, but they both have nice, flexible, well-documented APIs and are actively maintained.

I have had to do this several times at work and am currently working on a gem that I hope I’ll be able to publish as open source eventually. Would love to chat about the process in general / bounce ideas if you want to send me a message!

I’ve also seen some people use HTTParty as alternative to Faraday and Excon.

Hey David, my assignment has changed which means at the moment I’ll not be working on the API library but rather on the application itself. I’m sure there are always things we can discuss, exchange ideas etc. Feel free to share your thoughts, findings and questions.